Corporate Bond

Pied Piper Capital Fund, LLC

Face Value


Backed by



All the assets owned, and to be acquired, by the Issuer and its subsidiaries.


Credit Default Risk Insurance Policy through Timber Creek Insurance Services, Inc


90% reinsurance through Certain AM Best A-Rated

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Pied Piper Capital Fund LLC, organized in the State of Delaware under the laws of United States of America, is offering (the ‘‘Offering’’) US$ 2,000,000,000 aggregate principal amount of 5.00% Senior Secured Notes due January 31, 2028 (the ‘‘SSNs” ’or” Notes”). Interest will be paid on the Notes on 1st of August, and 1st day of February, of each year, beginning on 1st of August 2023. The Notes will mature on 31st of January 2028.

The SSNs will be made available for trading in Private Capital Market Portals like ACE Portal or similar Portals.

Credit Default Risk Insurance Policy provided by Timber Creek Insurance Services, Inc., Program Manager for Timber Creek Surety, Inc. – NAIC# 17367 – part of the Timber Creek Group of Companies. The Insurance Policy has 90% reinsurance through Certain AM Best A-Rated (REINSURANCE COVERAGE BY LLOYDS UNDERWRITING SYNDICATES)

Summary Of Offering


144-A Corporate Bond

The planned process is as follows:

Review & Approval

Corporate Bond is presented for review and policy approval with LOI from Corporate Bond purchaser and/or funder.

Insurance Binder

Upon approval, Insurance Binder from Insurer is issued. The Insured is the Corporate Bond Issuer. The Beneficiary under the policy is the Corporate Bond purchaser or funder. A copy of the policy verbiage to be issued is attached to the Insurance Binder for confirmation.

Policy Reinsurance

The Timber Creek monoline insurance policy has 90% reinsurance thru certain AM Best A-Rated Reinsurers (Reinsurance Coverage by Lloyds Underwriting Syndicates). The Financial Wrap covers the coupon/interest payments on the Corporate Bond issuance and the payment at maturity.

Delivery of Policy

The policy may be delivered as an original hard copy and/or confirmed via SWIFT MT199 from the Insurance Trustee in London, UK.

Delivery of Bond

The Bond is delivered Via DTC to the purchaser and/or funder.



Pied Piper Capital Fund, LLC

3500 South Dupont Hwy. Dover, Delaware 19901


Messer Law Group, PLLC

295 Madison St. 12th Floor, New York, NY 10017


Timber Creek Surety, Inc.

NAIC# 17367
301 Louisiana Ave. Bogalusa, Los Angeles 70427


AM Best

Ambest Rd. Oldwick, New Jersey 08858


Securities Transfer Corporation

2901 Dallas Pkwy. Suite 380, Plano, Texas 75093